Real World

February 5, 2015
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Among the 12 rollicking tracks on the album (all of which were composed or arranged by the Young Dubliners), “Touch The Sky” stands out as a potent rock hit, with its killer hook and positive lyrics. “I’ve noticed recently that I can’t write a song about how miserable life is without supplying some silver lining,” Keith Roberts says, laughing. “OK” and “Waxie’s Dargle” have already proven to be live favorites, while “Evermore” takes on a very personal spin. “It is one of my favorites and means a lot to me as I wrote the song for my son,” says Roberts. All in all, each of the tracks witnessed a collaborative effort by each of the members, allowing for the album’s cohesive and rock-solid sound. The album, however, does boast a number of guest players. Ian Anderson – a cohort gained from the band’s Jethro Tull touring days – joins the group on “Banshee” and Eric Rigler (Titanic / Braveheart) provides Uileann Pipe on a number of tracks. Roberts also singles out the record’s producer, Tim Boland, for the album’s superior production.

Musing about the band’s sound, Roberts sums up the Young Dubliner’s approach to their music, be it Celtic, Irish, or just plain rock. “I like to think that our take on songwriting and performance makes the Young Dubliner’s sound unique and original. Our band is made up of Irish and American natives who draw influences from just about everywhere. Our strength is in the sum of our parts. We play as a band, as one.”