With All Due Respect - The Irish Sessions

December 7, 2013
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We can’t quite remember when the idea for an ”all Irish song album” first dawned on us but we know it was a good while ago. For one reason or another it never happened, until now. Finally we have recorded what we hope is the best of the best. A collection of great Irish songs penned by poets, playwrights and vagabonds, with a distinct Young Dubliners touch.

On Dec 8th 2007, we entered the studio only to emerge seventeen days later with thirteen songs of love, war, emigration, incarceration and drinking. Along the way we gained an even deeper respect for the melodies and lyrics of these writers. They evoked many emotions and feelings not only in those of us from Ireland who previously knew these songs but also in the Americans who were hearing them for the first time. We hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed recording them.

And so we give you, with all due respect, The Irish Sessions….