Denmark Tour

Photo by Brendopix

Danish tour enters it’s second week. Five shows to go!

So far so good. We have been playing some great venues here in Denmark. Already covered much of the country but still have five more shows to go, starting in Aalborg tomorrow. Enjoying a day off in Odense today. Look what I found out walking. I believe we have the night offs hang!

We will be back stateside next week. The tour that started in Homer Alaska has almost come to an end.

Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. There are lots of statues and references to him all over town. I was surprised to see flowers were left at the base but later found out it was to celebrate his birthday last week. He is still much loved here.

The town is divided between very modern buildings and and extremely old ones.

It’s a beautiful city and that’s why we like to stay here on days off.

I was out walking in Næstved the other day and I saw this graffiti artist. It’s totally legal and they are all over the town. Brilliant!

We will be making an announcement regarding another Ireland trip in a few days. As you all know we had planned on making the one we just finished our last one. The main reason for that was because we felt the enthusiasm for the trips had wained. Boy were we wrong. The trip sold out in record time and we had quite a waitlist also. So now we are looking at the possibility of one more that would head north. More info soon.

See you soon,

Keith, Chas, Bren, Dave, Justin, Woofy and Sean