Keith’s Blog 5/31

This Thursday we start our new mini concert series DUBS IN PUBS and also return to a Casino in the California Mountains
Those of you familiar with the Young Dubs history will know that we came up in the pubs. This was a hard working bar band long before the first House Of Blues shows or dreams of touring the world. Although we have played to many huge crowds over the years there is still something magical about a good old fashioned packed bar. Whether it’s the intimacy or the “back to our roots” feel of these shows, one thing is for sure, they can be the most fun we have all year.

So this year we will be playing a very small selection of pubs around the US that have some connection to the band or maybe just the best pint of Guinness!!!! They will be billed as DUBS IN PUBS events and will be spread throughout the country, mixed in among festivals and club dates.

To kick start the idea we are going to one of the pubs that gave us the idea. Father Paddy’sin Woodland, CA. We were told about the place by a good friend of ours in The Pikeys. They told us us about an Irish Pub (with the best whiskey tasting room I have ever been in) that they played in regularly and that the owner, Pat, would love to have us play some time. Last year we did our first show there on the way to a Reno festival and it was a complete blast. Great hospitality and a brilliant reception.

The whole band agreed we would like to come back and so this Thursday, May 31st, it’s happening again. The Pikeys will open the show and get the place rockin before The Dubs.

Then on Friday a complete change of pace as we head back to the Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne, CA. It has been a good few years since we played here but it’s a fun room and a beautiful location. Owned by the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians it’s an area steeped in history. Just the drive in is worth it. Maybe we will bring you luck as you wander past the machines after the gig 🙂