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Greetings from the middle of our “maternity leave”.

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We welcomed the Youngest of Dubs on April 2nd when Justin and his wife had a bouncing baby boy. They are all doing great and we send them our heartiest congratulations and much love. We have left Justin alone for a few weeks but I’m sure he’s getting a lot less sleep then he would on the road 🙂

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We have added a lot of shows to the summer tour and many more are still in the works. As usual we will be playing a lot of outdoor festivals all over the country so make sure you check back regularly to see where your closest performance will be. CLICK HEREfor all the current info
(Pictured at left are Rick, one of our trusty stage managers, and myself enjoying a pint the other day)

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Feb / Mar dates. It was a mad dash around the map but we made all the shows. Besides a few close calls with airlines and The MAX 8’s being grounded it went quite smoothly.

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Our first show back will be Friday, May 10th at a fairly new venue on the Central Cal Coast. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite places in the world, but not just because of great gigs. Because of fishing!!! I regularly fish out of this brilliant little town, both on Charter boats and my own little tug. My son and I have had some great camping times here although he did once deliver a now famous one liner to me when he did not want to stay there a second night. It went something like this. “Hey Dad, why are we sleeping in the dirt when we live 40 minutes away”. Obviously doesn’t have the camping bug like his Dad.

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Anyhow, it’s a fun venue and will be a great way to get back into playing. Both Justin and I will have a lot of friends there as it’s so close to where we live. Really looking forward to it.
Grab your tix now as it’s going fast.
CLICK HERE for tickets.


As this email seems to have a lot of Dad stories I thought I would share one more. My son got his license and first car a few weeks ago. Wow. Wasn’t ready for that. Knew it was coming but still wasn’t at all ready. He now drives himself to school and it is the most bittersweet feeling I have ever experienced. I’m so proud of how well he did on his driving test but it’s a huge stomach and throat lump to know I’m not needed as much anymore. I know many of you have experienced this so you’ll know what I mean. That first real jump out of the nest. Celebratory and heart breaking at the same instant.


And last but not least, pictured to the right is our latest tee shirt available from our Web Store HERE and at the upcoming shows.

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See you out there,

Keith, Chas, Bren, Dave and Justin,