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At The House of Blues, West Hollywood, California

Say Anything
From ''9''
Here's a video from our now legendary last House of Blues' Hollywood show. It was filmed by our friends at Stoutheart Entertainment, but as there was no live audio recording, they added audio from our CD NINE. We think they did a hell of a job and really captured the fun of the night. Enjoy...
Video courtesy of Stoutheart Entertainment; videographers:
Damon Stout, Lew Abramson, Aimee Stout.

At The Shamrocker, San Diego, California

Touch The Sky
From ''Real World''
Created by StarFactory.com, Brendan Holmes, & Ian Petrella.

The Dubs in Europe - The Faroe Islands' G Festival

''We went on at 2am, yes folks 2AM!!! We were the last band on the main stage and it was brilliant. Thousands of people were on hand and they acted like we were their favorite band of all time. What a response. That made us play a rollicking 90 minute set while the sun rose over the water (remember there is only about 2 hours of darkness in this part of the world during the summer).

''It was the perfect way to finish off the Scandinavian Tour. We have now officially added Denmark and Norway to our list of fav places to play, with the Faroe islands getting a most favored nation score on everybody's books.'' -- Keith

The "Dubs on DVD" Project

Break out the popcorn and enjoy the Dubs at home - in color even! Get a taste of life on the road and a bouncing bird's eye view of the Dubs in action. We took a couple of fun nights at the Belly Up Club right near the ocean in Solana Beach, California, and twisted them around into the confection that is Home Movies.

Unfortunately, we're temporarily sold out, but want to at least see a clip?

Directed by Brett Spivey (Incubus / Hoobastank) and produced with Chas Waltz and the Dubs, this 'video collage' of tunes features songs from all over the Dubs' albums, including "Scream," "Brown Dog," "Rocky Road," "Knickers," and "Follow Me Up to Carlow." You can even follow along with Keith when playing the subtitled lyrics. We've been offering the DVD on sale while on tour, but now you can order directly online. Don't wait to show your friends what the excitement's all about. Check out our Store for details!

    The 100-minute NTSC all-region disc includes:
  1. Rocky Road
  2. Salvation
  3. Come On
  4. Scream
  5. Ashley Falls
  6. Rising
  7. Change the World
  8. Low
  9. Don't You Worry
  10. Brown Dog
  11. Liverpool
  12. Follow Me Up to Carlow
    With bonus backstage footage:
  • Life in a Day
  • Ghost Bus Stories
  • St. Patrick's Day - Airborne!
  • Soundchecks
  • Band Interviews and Biographies