St Patrick’s Weekend

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The final weekend of our tour is here. Friday , Saturday and Sunday (St. Paddy’s Day) at Raglan Road in Orlando Florida. There will be dancing, drinking and loads of craic, and that’s just in my hotel room!!!

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It’s been an amazing five weeks . We have covered some serious ground and we’re ready to finish it off in style. From flip flops on cruise ships to thermal underwear in Alaska, we have seen it all. Hell of a tour to pack for (especially when we all live out of a carry on bag) but we did it. From washing gig shirts in hotel sinks to driving through blizzards in Colorado, The Dub machine rolled on.


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Now it feels like we’ve come full circle. It all started in the Port of Miami as we boarded the “Into the Blue” cruise and now we are heading back to Florida to finish it up. Glad I kept the flip flops handy.

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This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Mar 15, 16 and 17) we will headline the Ragland Road pubs’ Mighty Saint Patrick’s Festival in Orlando, Florida. We have played here for the last two years and this is the Grand Finale.

Raglan Road is quite the place. Described on their website like this.
“You’ve been to an Irish pub before. But have you ever been to a real Irish pub: a pub that was built in Ireland and shipped overseas before being rebuilt? Raglan Road’s owners have built pubs all over the world but this is their best yet.”

And that’s exactly what it is. A big, beautiful indoor and outdoor venue just outside Disneyworld. Extremely authentic down to the huge amount of Irish working there. And there is even a fish and chipper attached!

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A little known fact is that Brendan and I grew up in Dublin at the same time as owner John Cooke. His family owned a few pubs in Dun Laoghaire that were the beginning of our long and intense love affair with The Pint. We met John after a Dublin show a few years ago and the plan was hatched. Three years in a row at his pub in Orlando to celebrate the Big Day. The rest is now history.

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The bar is truly spectacular with a large indoor live room and an outdoor stage. Both stages will be going non stop all weekend with lots of entertainment. We will be playing at 11pm each night. Friday and Sunday inside, Saturday outside. And of course, we will play that beautiful song, Raglan Road, every night. (Pic opposite by Kevin Rolfe)


ClICK HERE for all you need to know about this weekend.
Wherever you are we wish you a fun weekend. And remember, St Patrick may have driven all the snakes out of Ireland but he never drove a car after a few pints. Be safe!