The Young Dubs hit the road

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From Ships to Glaciers, from the Snowy Rocky Mountains to the warm embrace of Orlando. The Young Dubs hit the road.

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We hope we find you all in good spirits. It has been quite an unusually long break for the Dubs but now it’s time to get back to what we do best, drink backstage! I’m joking of course. Playing. That’s what this band was born to do and for the next few months that’s exactly what’s in store.

In the world of Celtic rock no one day is more significant then MARCH 17th, St. Patricks Day. Particularly in the US, it has become a huge day of celebration. All over the country Irish Americans and just about everybody else feels a little more Irish. But why limit it to one day we say! Why not play a whole tour around it and visit the places that helped make the Young Dubs an international band.

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It’s always a great time for us. Although most shows are indoors, it rivals the fun of the summer festivals. From the high intensity of the crowds to the great positive energy that is created at every gig. It’s a time where differences are cast aside and audiences becomes one big, happy family. Quite refreshing nowadays.

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One important note. Our show in Boise on Mar 2nd is now at REVOLUTION and not at the Knitting Factory due to remodeling. Tix are going fast. This is an ALL AGES show.


Tickets are selling fast to all our shows and some are already sold out. We kick things off in International waters with the “On The Blue” cruise featuring too many legends to name. It’s sold out so no point in teasing those who don’t have tickets but lets just say there will be some great photos.

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Then the minute we hit shore it’s back to road work. Three East Coast shows in three states. Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland. From there it’s back to Alaska (yes, we are piling up the flight reward miles) for three more shows. Anchorage is already sold out both nights but we still have tickets available in Homer.

From The “Upper One” we head back to the “Lower 48” and continue the March march hitting Colorado, Utah, Idaho and California.

Check out all THE SHOWS here.

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Finally we make one last cross country flight to Orlando, FL for our three day St Paddy’s extravaganza at Raglan Road. This is our third visit to the venue and will be an all weekend affair. St Paddy’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so we will play Fri, Sat and Sun. There are loads of bands and the music goes all day long.

Then there will be a nap!!! Hope to see you all out there. Remember loads and loads of shows are still being added for the summer so stay tuned.

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See you soon,

Keith, Chas, Bren, Dave and Justin,