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Time to get back to the writing

Something tells me you won’t be too surprised at this news considering where things are with the pandemic in the US. This week we officially cancelled our Aug 7th Boise, ID show. This comes just days after we had to pull out of our Alaska date for Aug 1st.

It’s obviously a huge disappointment to have more gigs cancel but, to be honest, it was the only option we had. Both states have had increases in their case numbers and the promoters agreed it would be safer to hold off.

Sorry for getting your hopes up but at least we tried. We will continue to try.

Now it’s back to the drawing board.

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The Happy Paddy hits the water

So it looks like we will have to accept that live shows are off the table for at least another few months. It’s time to get stuck into song writing and recording and see if we can use this time to create and start 2021 with fresh material and a new album.

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Justin catches a fish on his first cast

Last week Justin and I went fishing on my boat, The Happy Paddy. It was a beautiful day and fish were caught. Gave us a great chance to catch up and start plotting for the coming months. One of the exciting prospects we are looking into is a live stream concert from one of our favorite venues. Negotiations are underway and it most likely won’t be limited to one. More info on that as the details are finalized.

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Daniel with my son around 2008. Not sure which one was drinking the beer.

I wanted to share a very sad story with you all. A few weeks ago the world lost one of the greatest men I have ever known. Daniel was more like a brother then just a friend and I loved him dearly. I was not the only one. The massive amount of grief felt all around the world at his passing was a tribute to the person he was. Generous to a fault, a calming figure in times of trouble and no better lad to have a pint with.

He has been a huge part of my life since the day I moved to the US and I will miss him every day. My heart is with his wife, Mary, and two kids, Anthony and Stef. I’ve known those kids since the day they were born. They are wonderful people and made their Dad so proud.

Bon voyage Daniel Pastore. Much love.

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The Ireland Trip. November 6 to 15 2020

Here is an update on our Ireland tour for November. I have spoken to Hammond Tours and we have agreed to start looking at alternative dates. It’s not moving just yet but we are eying the options.

Right now Ireland is doing exceptionally well with eradicating the virus but it will be more about how America is doing later in the year. Travel to Ireland is severely restricted now but opening up gradually. If the US can get the case numbers under control things might open up but, as realists, we realize this may be a tall order.

We really want this trip to go ahead, as do all of you who are booked on it so let’s just give it a bit more time and pray to the travel Gods that the situation improves. See, there is another reason to wear a mask, so I can get a decent pint of Guinness before the year is out!
CLICK HERE for the details.

Feic off Apron

This latest item was inspired by the number of men I have spoken to about making bread. Not sure what a pandemic has to do with baking but it seems to have really taken off. Just trying to find yeast is like conducting a dodgy drug deal. “Do you have it?. How much do you have? I’ll take it all!!!”

Of course that doesn’t mean that the ladies are excluded from wearing the Apron. It’s just that in my experience, those of us with less skills seem to make the biggest mess.

So bake on lads. Grab yours at Our Shop


Lots of tees and CD’s available including our eloquent message to the Virus.
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Thanks to Katrina for my Irish mask.

Keep wearing those masks and let’s all work to get out of this.
Stay safe and lots of love,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave, Ethan, Woofy and all our crew around the globe.

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