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October 2014

Hey there everyone,
I just wanted to inform you of my upcoming (and first!) group photography exhibit on Fri October 3rd at Hale Arts in Santa Monica Ca. There will be an opening reception from 5 to 8 pm and the show will run for two weeks. Save the date and hope to see you there!!! Follow the link below, and I thank you for your time.—100314.html

June 2013

To whom it may interest: I can finally say that my web-site is completed and is up and running. Many thanks to Kevin Marron and Rachel Rath for their hard work creating it for me, here’s the link:

February 2010

Check out my interview in Bass Player Magazine, now on newstands in February ’10!

past stories…

Good day everyone, tour manager’s log book is as follows:

current location is El Paso Tehass.
Time 5:06pm local standard time.

Hangin’ here in hotel room on a stopover to Austin, TX. Just our luck, the wi-fi is down here in the hotel and have to deal with dial up only, can you say snail mail!!! I (we) have a new endeavor to deal with and to keep us occupied for endless hours on the road, it used to be finding a decent cup of joe, but thanx to the proliferation of our corporate coffee guys from Seattle and to the speed induced highs that their coffee gives me (DECAF ONLY NOW) the hunt has become somewhat boring to say the least. Still there’s many a truck stop in this great land of ours that has not heard the ‘word,’ or the ‘preaching,’ of our coffee gurus and is still content on selling hot water that had a bean dragged through it, the latter having the consistency of, and colour of, weak tea. People, there’s a lot of money to be made out there supplying caffeine to the truckers of America.

Anyway enough of that jargon for now, so the new thrill now is to find wi-fi in every town we go to. Wi-fi, to you who don’t know what I’m talking about, stands for wireless internet access, basically it’s like a radio signal that your computer can pick up if it has a wireless card built into it, and then you’re able to surf the web sans wires, hence the name, wi-fi. People have wireless in their places of business or homes and broadcast it up up to 150 feet or so, the trick is to find these signals on your computer and get free access to the web (har har). Thankfully wi-fi is showing up everywhere around the country and most times you don’t have to pay for it, as businesses use it to lure people into their respective places, ie: hotels, coffee shops and restaurants.

OK then people I’ll stop the boredom and quit with the blogging, I’m currently at FT35,000 over Tucson AZ, and we are on finally approach, so I have to finish up quickly. Can’t wait to land here as the temp is around 105F today, mmm nice and cozy, NOT!!! Anyhow hope you enjoyed reading this, if anything you just wasted two mins of your day, oh well, later, Brendan.