Happy New Year

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From Alaska to San Diego, Dublin to the Caribbean, 2020 is starting off at the break neck pace we love. Never a dull moment as they say. We are excited to start intense rehearsals with new bass player Ethan Jones next week. They will take place in San Luis Obispo so don’t be alarmed if you see a bunch of unruly musicians wandering about town in need of sustenance after a long day in a small room, rocking our heads off.

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The First Shows and a new album.

We will start the tour at the Alyeska resort in Girdwood, AK. There is no denying that it’s always a strange feeling when a long term band member leaves and a “newbie” comes on board. We have decided to use this opportunity to really up our game. The Young Dubs have much, much more to say and many more shows to play and we are looking forward to making lots of new memories. 2019 was a tough one for many people but 2020 already has a very optimistic feel to it, lets hope I’m right.
For the Dubs this will involve, not only getting Ethan up to speed on the back catalog but also starting a new recording project right away. We have all been writing but obviously couldn’t add these to our repertoire until we had the new line up set. Now it’s go time!

We will be including new songs in the show to test their “road worthiness” before we start recording. As usual we consider all of you our “constructive critics” and will be watching your reactions to see how you like the new stuff. No pressure!

CLICK HERE for Tour Dates

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Country hopping and gigs in Castles.

Once we are ready to roll we travel to Alaska and then back to California for a few warm up shows, before heading out for the long haul. We want to let everyone see Ethan in action so we will try to hit as many States as we can in 2020. In the first quarter we will play AK, CA, CO, ID, FL. WY and NV. Not a bad start but only the beginning. We will also be in Ireland on our 2020 tour in late March (which includes taking over a Castle, pictured, for two days and playing a very special show) and then boarding the “On The Blue” cruise ship in Miami two days after the Ireland tour wraps up. I know, exhausting to see written down but just another day in the life of the Mighty Dubs.

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The Election.

We are very aware that this is an election year in the US and we plan to do our bit to keep things sane out there, regardless of political affiliation. To help us with this task we are launching our campaign, “MAMA”. It stands for Make America Mates Again. We know tempers are hot and emotions are running high but we have so many fans on both sides of the spectrum and we love you all. We hope you will have healthy debates and get really informed about the huge issues affecting all of us who live here, and then VOTE! But at the end of the day lets remember we can differ drastically in opinion without losing our friendships and family. We will all get through this and still be brothers and sisters, parents and kids, friends and spouses who love each other. Having a pint and just talking about the weather now and again can help too!

So Happy New Year, new decade, new memories, new friends, new heights, new relationships, new albums, new jokes (I promise) and new dreams made real.

See you all soon,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave and Ethan

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