Hello from Lockdown

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The show will go on!

How are we doing class of Covid 19? How’s the bread making? How’s the hair? How are the kids holding up? How’s the drinking?

I’m still amazed at how similar this experience has been for so many all over the world. When I speak with mates in Ireland and England they talk about all the zoom meetings they are having and how the “start time” for daily drinking has inched its way earlier into the day. For the most part I find people have adapted fairly well and are starting to make the most of the downtime instead of sinking into the dark place. We all want this in the rear view mirror as soon as possible and there have been positive signs that we are starting that process. Let’s keep it going folks. Slow and steady gets us all back to work and avoids a repeat of what we just went through.


People will try anything to have a pint!

I can’t wait to knock down a pint in a pub. It will also be good to have a bartender in charge of the size of my whiskey again. Apparently I am very bad at it as I can only get four shots out of a 750 ml bottle.

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Click this pic to watch the new song video

Last Saturday we uploaded a video of a new song, Broken Soul, to our YouTube channelTo be honest, we have not paid much attention to our channel and instead posted most of our videos on Instagram and Facebook.

Then came the lockdown.

All this downtime had me watching hundreds of other peoples channels until I realized we needed to get ours up and running.

First thing I noticed was how many channels come up when you type in Young Dubliners. Please make sure you click here to get directly to our official page. We are going to try to upload a video every Saturday while we are home so please come visit and hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON (most important and it’s FREE)


Watch my video “Survival 101” at 2pm Pacific on Saturday

This weeks video is a different thing altogether. Let’s just say it’s a “survival” theme and leave it at that. It will post at 2pm (PDT) on Sat May 30th. Which is also my Mums birthday. Happy Birthday Mum.

Irish Fest-2018-Young Dubliners-73

Justin at the KC Irish Fest

There is some live show news also. We have moved almost all our June dates to October 2020. Our short mid July tour of Montana and South Dakota is still on as of writing but we are well aware that things could change, so stay tuned for more info as we get closer.

We had been about to announce that we would be opening for Billy idol at the Alaska State Fair in late August but that just got cancelled this week. However we are talking to another venue up there so we may still get to play our usual AK summer shows. I need to fish!

We are talking to WY and ID about some summer shows too. Fingers crossed.

CLICK HERE for the YD tour page and stay up to date on when we will hit the road again.

Feic shirts

Lots of tees and CD’s available including our eloquent message to the Virus.
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The Ireland Trip. November 6 to 15 2020

Our rescheduled trip to Ireland is continuing to add folks every week. Ireland just announced their reopening plans and it includes hotels by the end of July and pubs by August. We will not be there until November so let’s go have some fun and blow off some steam in a castle.
CLICK HERE for the details.

Mama tees

The MAMA shirt.

Let’s not forget the MAMA message either.
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Stay safe and lots of love,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave, Ethan, Woofy and all our crew around the world.

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