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Keith Chas and Dice

Hope you are all having a loving day wherever you are. We have a few updates from Dubland for you.

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Our March to St Paddys Day and beyond tour is about to kick off in a week or so. It’s our usual mad dash around the map so have a look and see which one you can attend. As I said before, we will be attempting to hit as many parts of the US as we can this year so you can all see Ethan in action and hear the new songs so don’t be disappointed if your city is not on this tour. We will be back soon.

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Many of you have told us that you will be in Ireland when we are playing there but you are not on our official tour. For those folks we have a special invitation. On Mar 24th and 25th we have rented an entire castle, Lough Eske in Donegal. We are there for two whole days and nights and will be hosting a dinner each night. On top of that we will be playing an intimate acoustic show in one of the castle bars, exclusively for those staying with us.
If you would like to attend that portion of the tour there are still a few rooms available. Staying at the hotel means you will be a part of something truly unique, not to mention all the wonderful people you will meet. Visit Hammond Tours to get in on the fun.

For those of you who might want to jump on the whole Irish trip, read on or contact Hammond Toursright now.



We kick off the festivities in one of the most exciting and history steeped parts of the world. This was a huge part of why we wanted to have another trip. We have only played in Belfast three times in our career. It is such a beuatufl city and, like most of Ireland, it’s an extremely vibrant place.
On night one we will have a big dinner with all our travelers. We will hand out laminents that get you into all the shows for free and talk about the upcoming shows and activities. This is a chance to get to meet all your fellow trippers and the band. From here on in we are a big bunch of pals, exploring Ireland together and rocking out as we go.

On our second night, Monday the 23rd, we will play our first show at the Empire. CLICK HERE for all the info and tix. This is a first rate venue (as they all are) and will be a hell of a way to kick off the tour.

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The Castle

For the first time on one of these Ireland trips we have taken over an entire castle for TWO days! Every year people would ask us why we only ever stayed for one night in a castle. Well we wondered the same thing and made it right.

On one of the nights TBD we will play an acoustic show somewhere in the castle just for you guys. This is often the highlight of the trip for many as it’s a very intimate night where we encourage you guys to join in, with us as your backing band. Not to mention that you can pretend you are the King or Queen of the castle and act accordingly. Your own Downtown Abbey so to speak. No one will mind.



After recuperating at the Castle we head for one of our personal favorite cities in the world, Galway. To say that this town is buzzing would be a massive understatement. You will love walking the streets, listening to the buskers (this is where Ed Shearan was discovered) and weaving in and out of the many pubs and eateries. Two days will be great but it’s never enough.

The show will be at the Quays (Pictured) on Thursday the 26th, It is one of Irelands premier venues. We have played here many times and every time is brilliant. We love the room and so will you. CLICK HERE for more info.



And then it’s the big one. Dublin City. Where it all began for me. This is always a heck of a homecoming. Dublin is an amazing city with so much to do and see. We will play our final show here on Saturday, the 29th, at the Workmans Club. It’s a rocking room and a great way to finish the tour. Lots of friends and family will join you here as well as many Irish fans of the band. Big night, bigger show. CLICK HERE for info

Then on Sunday we will all hang out for a big farewell party. This basically involves loads of pints, drunken goodbye tears, more pints, photos galore and then, finally, some kip before the trip back home. As we say goodbye to all of our friends we will be deadheading for Miami to start the On The Blue cruise.

On most nights when there is no Young Dub show we will find trouble to get into. It’s always best not to preplan these things as the locals will tell us where to go and what to do. They are the experts. Never argue with an expert! Especially if he/she is buying you drinks.

This time there are more group dinners then on any other trip. These are loads of craic and a great chance to catch up and solidify friendships. Many folks who have been on our holidays stay in touch for a lifetime. This is definitely not your average group vacation. This is the stuff legends are made of.

And so another phenomenal trip will be in the books and many great memories made and logged until the next time.

We can’t wait to see you all in Belfast. Like I said at the top, hit us up with any Q’s you might have and we’ll do our best to answer or steer you in the right direction.
One other note, as you may know a few people had to pull out last minute. We have 6 spots open in case you have that friend of family member who really wanted to go but missed it first time around. There are also a few people looking for a roommate to reduce the cost. This can make it more affordable so please spread the word.

I’ll be back with more updates as we get closer.
P.S. If you are on this trip and did not receive an email from Keith, specifically for the Ireland trippers, then please respond with your email address. We may have missed a few!

See you all soon,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave and Ethan

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