Ireland Tour – Rescheduled

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By now you all know that the Ireland trip is being rescheduled. The absolute final straw was the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) shutting down Ireland right up to what would have been our last day there. He did not just shut down cultural centers and schools, he banned all gatherings over 100 people. There is no way the tour could have gone ahead in these circumstances.

We are as heart broken about this as I’m sure you all are. It’s not just a tour to us but an amazing time with our wonderful supporters and friends in a beautiful country. We look forward to it more then any other shows we do.

So instead of wallowing in despair we are rescheduling this immediately and I promise you we will add even more exciting stuff to make it so that when we finally touch down on Irish soil, the celebration will be monumental.

We ask for a few days to discuss all this with Hammond and then get options to you all. We are dedicated as a band to making sure everyone is happy with the final outcome. Thanks for your patience.

We will now have to find a way to maximize this downtime as there will be no chance of booking alternate shows this late. Most of this weekends shows are now cancelling so we are in a very grave situation. We have a few ideas up our sleeve and will share them with you once the more urgent issues are handled.

We are deeply sorry this happened. I can just picture all the happy faces I have seen while touring the US in the past year, telling us “We’ll see you in Ireland, we’re on your trip”. Well, you will see us in Ireland, not this month but very soon. It will be worth the wait and we will celebrate ten times bigger than we had even planned.

For now lets hunker down and deal with this disaster as best we can and, most importantly, stay healthy. This will pass and life will return to normal. We just have to survive it.

Lots of love and best wishes

Keith and the boys.

See you all soon,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave and Ethan

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